The History of the Family Business


book store interiorDan Sauer opened a small religious bookstore serving prayer groups in Southern California. Books were offered on sonsignment to Catholic parishes.


Text BooksDan developed a national one-stop textbook wholesale program, which revolutionized the way schools accessed new and used textbooks.


Educational Sales Company (ESCO) was founded by Dan Sauer as an outsourced sales organization for various textbook resellers.


Religious BooksESCO began reselling books. Dan Sauer and his daughter, Theresa, opened its first warehouse selling religion books to churches and schools.


Online book storeESCO opened its first online bookstore (created by Dan's son-in-law, Jeff Campbell) thorugh the brand The online bookstore era began, and they moved into a 35,000 square foot warehouse.


View Sonic and Android implementationESCObooks launched its first ebook reader application on Android, in partnership with ViewSonic.


EdTech Software, LLC was born as an ebook implementation spinoff of Educational Sales Company, and operated by Dan's son, Peter Sauer.


woman on conference call
EdTech Solutions was launched as an ebook implementation consulting and training division for schools.


1 EdTech Certified Logo

EdTech received 1EdTech Certification, and continues to simplify ebook implementation for K12 private schools through LMS integrations and SSO capabilities.