Our Mission is to simplify your transition as a school
from physical books to digital courseware.

In a world where companies and solutions come and go, for over 10 years we have helped countless schools and students implement e-books in a way that works for them. In fact, many schools that were concerned about the complexity of the implementation process, as well as ones that had bad past experiences turned to us to solve their problems.

We know that ‘going digital’ can be scary – our mission is to make it a pleasant and positive experience for all involved! EdTech is the schools’ premier and modern-day choice for simplified, easy, and fast eBook implementation.

Private School Students on Computers

Our Promise To You

  • School administrators benefit from an easy, fast, and affordable implementation of ebooks that integrates with the school’s Student Information System (SIS).
  • Teachers are empowered by a simplified way to customize the educational experience for each student.
  • Students enjoy convenient access to all their study materials on one state-of-the-art platform using only one login, in most cases.
  • Everyone experiences great customer service from a knowledgeable and eager-to-help support team.
  • Learning is enhanced by our commitment to provide educational material through our blog and free webinars for teachers.