Our Management Team

Our team is comprised of dedicated and highly skilled individuals who built their careers helping students and their parents, as well as supporting school teachers and school administrators.

  • We take personal responsibility for clients’ success.
  • We provide peace of mind through complete support for admins, teachers and students.
  • We offer managed ebook implementation with a simple purchasing solution through LMS integrations.
Peter Sauer

Peter Sauer

Peter, the CEO of EdTech, is a visionary who spends his days coming up with big ideas and even bigger solutions to match the challenges that face the education and e-book industry. Peter keeps his focus on the future and is always striving to find new ways to make EdTech better and more valuable for its customers.

Before becoming CEO, Peter worked as the Online Bookstore Manager and the VP of Operations for Educational Sales Company. These jobs not only taught him about the inner workings of the education industry but more importantly, how to motivate and inspire people to do their best work.

Cultivating the customer-centric culture that EdTech prides itself on is Peter’s favorite part of his job. He is the ultimate “servant leader” who endeavors to inspire others and lead by example.

When he’s not working, Peter enjoys spending time with his four lovely children and his beautiful wife.

Liz Pritchard
Director of Operations

As EdTech’s Operation’s Manager, Liz is extremely detail oriented. She spends her days managing and directing EdTech’s daily activities for the benefit of its customers, employees, and company owners. Liz loves her job as it allows her to make a difference in education and in the lives of students.

Liz has a diverse background and worked as an “artisan” in the architectural woodworking and cabinet making industry before moving to EdTech. This experience has well-prepared her for her current job as both positions require attention to intricate details.

Her ability to organize and harmonize the activities of various departments, managers, and staff is fantastic. She is described by her coworkers as fierce, fun, firm, and fair.

Outside of work, Liz enjoys traveling, food, anything outdoors, and spending time with her husband and kids.

Liz Pritchard
Jeff Campbell

Jeff Campbell
Director of Technology

EdTech’s Director of Technology, Jeff, works with management, employees, and partners to identify and implement the best technical solutions for our customers, with a focus on excellence. Jeff’s job allows him to help others, something he highly values.

Jeff has specialized in technology for most of his career, but he's also an excellent copy editor and graphic designer. He has been with EdTech since the beginning and continues to find joy in his job each day.

A valuable member of the EdTech team, Jeff’s coworkers define him by his trustworthy, loyal, helpful, and friendly nature.

On his off time, Jeff spends time outdoors with his family and loves helping schools make the best possible use of all the learning resources available today.

Marc Blair

Marc is EdTech’s Sales Team Lead meaning he has the vital task of helping many schools procure textbooks, both print and digital. He also works closely with textbook publishers to help make sure their content is available to schools digitally, making it more accessible for the students and teachers who need it. Marc enjoys his job because of the incredible people he gets to work with every day.

His diverse career background includes jobs in real estate, financial services, stand-up comedy and a stint as a pastor.

Friends and coworkers say Marc is fun, quick, tenacious, and full of integrity. He is a team player and a valuable member of the EdTech team.

In addition to his job, Marc also loves spending time with his wife and beautiful daughter.

Marc Blair