3 Reasons to Get Digital Curriculum into Your School ASAP

3 Reasons to Go Digital

For many schools, the decision to adopt digital curriculum can seem like a daunting undertaking. There are so many things to consider including where to begin, what devices to use, how to manage content, how to make content accessible to all students, and much more. In this blog article, we share the most common reasons why it’s important for your school to get into digital curriculum now.

1. All Your Books in One Place

When you have the books you need for all classes, all in one place, the students appreciate it, and the parents appreciate it. Everyone wins! This is accomplished with a single sign-on to access multiple publishers – just about any textbook provider, your school uses can integrate with your curriculum. Students enjoy convenient access to all their study materials on one state-of-the-art platform, using only one login, in one location (in most cases). In other words, no more juggling multiple websites and losing logins that prevent them from getting to their ebooks, as well as saving your teachers and IT staff from being ‘password finders.’

Many schools find the thought of ebook implementation overwhelming – but it doesn’t have to be! In fact, schools can start small by using ShelfIt, a private online bookstore for both print and digital books. Find some publishers and find some books that you know your school is going to want this coming year, and then get them for a class or try them for a few classes.

For example, try starting out with literature books so that an entire department feels comfortable, and you have buy-in from certain teachers before you roll it out to the entire school. It’s easier for set-up to just start with ebooks because you’re not going to have to worry about codes and assigning books, and all the student usernames and passwords.

2. Up-to-Date Material from Publishers

You’ll also get the most up-to-date material from the publishers. Some schools still have books that were published in the early 2000s, or earlier, and requirements and recommendations have changed since then. When you go digital, you always get the most up-to-date and current material available. Not only is going digital giving accurate information, but it will also help your students be more prepared for the university.

Many universities are using digital resources for their curriculum. Often there are only one or two students who came from a high school that used digital books. When they get to the university level, they’re the only ones who know how to use the digital resources and the platforms. They end up taking the time and showing all the other students what they need to do and what they need to know, which makes them ahead of everyone else.

3. Interactive Features

Having all your books at your fingertips means they’re easier to read and you can make notes. Unlike print books, digital books allow you to read through the book in different ways. For example, making the font bigger or smaller or the screen lighter or dimmer.

You get more accessibility for students from digital books. This is especially beneficial if you have students who learn differently from the norm because they’re able to access and use the books in a way that allows them to understand and get a better experience from their classroom.

Some of the interactive features include:

  • Notes and Highlights – Ebooks offer opportunities to make notes and highlight content right in the ebook along with additional interactive features like annotations, pen tools and page zoom.
  • Search Option – The search tool is always a favorite as it helps avoid having to turn page after page to find that elusive topic or phrase. Pages and chapters can be bookmarked easily, and the online dictionary can help students quickly find the meaning of words.
  • Text to Speech – You can change the voice, the speed, and even how it sounds. For example, if you’re from the south, you can use a Southern accent so that people can feel more comfortable with reading and understanding what is being read to them. You can slow the speed of speech down or speed it up.
  • Flashcards – This is a great feature for students to use as a study guide. You simply highlight a word or phrase in the text, select flashcard, and type the answer on the back of it. Teachers can also use this feature to help students know what to focus on as they study for quizzes or tests.
  • Collaboration – Students can work together while they learn by using text to speech, keyboard shortcuts, and flashcards within the book. They can also stay engaged by using their ebooks as they collaborate using breakout groups.
  • No Longer Limited to Text – Course content no longer must be only text. You can include music or videos and integrate audio explanations into learning modules. Students can pause and rewind as needed so they can watch pieces again and again. Adding video or music content can help students retain information far better than just by reading alone.

Getting a digital curriculum implemented at your school can seem like an overwhelming task. Remember, start small, and as you grow so will your library. At EdTech we know it can be difficult and complicated. We can answer your questions and help your school pull it all together to make ebook implementation as easy as possible.

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EdTech Solutions leverages education technology to improve learning by making it easy and simple for schools and students to manage and access individualized digital content on any device. EdTech’s cutting-edge approach to schoolwide ebook implementation and our innovative online platform and tools give school administrators and teachers the controls they need while providing students and parents with access to all their content on one easy-to-use platform with a single login, in most cases.

When you work with us, we create a personalized bookstore for your school where students can access and purchase their ebooks and textbooks on Shelfit.com. We also help publishers make their content available digitally to students on our robust multi-publisher ebook reader platform. We strongly believe that knowledge and good education should be available to all, and we are committed to developing and providing the online learning tools and modern services that make it possible.