5 Advantages of Implementing Ebooks

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Whether we like it or not, the ongoing challenges with COVID-19 are pushing schools towards technology at a rapid pace. As the new school year quickly approaches, school districts across the country are trying to assess whether students can come back to school in the fall or if they have to keep things online. While on summer break, and past the initial shelter in place reality of the spring, many teachers are working to revamp their current curriculum in an effort to make the fall more enjoyable for everyone.

As a provider of eBook implementations for K-12 schools, here at EdTech Solutions we have heard over and over again from students and teachers that bringing technology into the classroom has a positive effect on the quality of education. Even so, we recognize that not everyone sees enough benefits to outweigh the hurdles.

Goal of Ebooks

The goal of ebooks is to simplify and enhance the overall learning experience by helping to make it more interactive and engaging. With efooks, one device is enough to include the entire year’s syllabus for each of your students. Gone are the days when students had to carry a backpack full of books to and from home everyday or share a limited number of books in a classroom. Digital books can even be introduced to students at a very young age, right from Kindergarten and on through their K-12 education.

There are a lot of benefits to the use of ebooks in the classroom, and certainly in the wake of a pandemic leading to learning from home, the move towards implementing ebooks is speeding up.

Here are a few advantages that benefit both students and teachers.

  1. Students can study anywhere and anytime
  2. Ebooks are accessible from any device and even when offline
  3. Multiple interactive features
  4. Easy to adjust
  5. “Edutainment” value

Benefits of eBooks

1. Easy to Carry

Mobile devices are so easy to carry around that students have almost no excuses for not being able to study anywhere or anytime. Most students already carry mobile devices so a tablet makes it simple for them to access their course materials anytime they need them. Everything in one place and no big, bulky backpacks needed.

“Having their books readily accessible anytime, anywhere has been a huge advantage for our students.”


Assistant Principal, Christopher Columbus High School

2. Downloadable

Even though most of your students may have regular access to the internet, some may not. Ebooks can allow for accessibility even when they are offline. Content can be downloaded while connected, then used wherever they go, even if the internet is not available. They can even access the content from various platforms.

“The convenience for the students is that they can access it from any device –– desktop, laptop, or tablet. They are not restricted to one machine.”


Director of Technology, St John Vianney High School

3. Interactive Features

Ebooks offer opportunities to make notes and highlight content right in the “book” along with additional interactive features like annotations, pen tools, page zoom, search option, read aloud, etc. The search tool is always a favorite as it helps you to avoid having to turn pages after page to find a that elusive topic or phrase. Pages and chapters can be bookmarked easily and the online dictionary can help them to quickly find the meaning of words.

4. Adjustable for Each Student

A user can adjust the screen to the brightness that is most comfortable to their eyes, as well as increase or decrease the size of the font to make it easy to read. They can organize, sort and use their ebook to enhance their learning experience and take away some of the obstacles that physical books can bring with them.

5. No Longer Limited to Text

Lastly, while there are many additional benefits, we will highlight one final benefit today. Course content no longer has to be only text. You can include music or videos, and integrate audio explanations into learning modules. Students can pause and rewind as needed so they can watch pieces again and again. Adding video or music content can help students retain information far better than just by reading alone.

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