How EdTech Helps Set Up a Scholarship Program for Your School

Scholarship Steps for your school-stack of books and jar money

At EdTech, our main goal is to leverage technology to improve education by making it easy and simple for schools and students to manage and access individualized digital content on any device. But this goal is hard to achieve if a student can’t afford to purchase the course materials in the first place. Many schools we work with are unaware that EdTech can help facilitate a scholarship program.

As of October 2021, the scholarship support program helped 15 individual schools across the country with their scholarship orders; helped support 233 individual students through scholarships; and facilitated the process as schools provided $40,000 in monetary support for kids to get access to their books.

When it comes to setting up a scholarship program, EdTech helps schools facilitate the process in a variety of ways:

  • Schools provide us with a list of kids that have qualified to receive a scholarship.
  • The scholarship program is built around the fiscal amount the school can allocate to the program each year.
  • The school uses a percentage from other student sales to fund the scholarships.

Since we work with so many private schools across the country, we’ve learned what’s working and what’s not working for schools and can help your school make an educated decision on how to facilitate your own scholarship program.

One School’s Solution to Funding their Scholarship Program

Recently, we helped a school by working their scholarship program into their required course materials.

The school started a scholarship bank by adding a small amount to each student’s required course materials. For example, adding $5 to each students’ required course materials. With the extra $5 collected from each student, the school was able to provide 45 scholarships to help students with their book purchases.

The school appropriately communicated this process to parents and in most cases, the family members love knowing that they’re giving back and helping other students in their community.

What Sets EdTech’s Scholarship Program Apart

At EdTech, we have a dedicated scholarship line with extended hours as well as a dedicated email address where teachers, parents, administrators, and students can reach out to us with any questions that they might have, or with requests for eligibility to receive a scholarship.

Most of the scholarships come to us directly as a list of kids from the school. But there are also times we have students reach out to us directly so that we can facilitate a conversation with them to discover what books they need. We work closely with parents and students depending on their situation. We walk them through the different purchasing options, whether print or digital is the best fit for them and try to give them a unique experience that doesn’t cater or pander to them being part of the scholarship program.

Sometimes, students are hesitant to participate in this process, feeling shame that they’re receiving a scholarship while attending private school. We don’t want them to feel that they’re being in any way targeted or underappreciated and try to keep the interaction as light, friendly, quick, and easy as possible. We don’t want them to feel that purchasing books through scholarships is a burden on anyone.

Sign-On Bonus

A benefit that your school will receive when signing on with EdTech is a sign-on bonus. Many of our schools use their sign-on bonus for teacher materials and/or scholarship orders. Sometimes the school chooses all digital content for their scholarship recipients, and other times it’s both print and digital.

The amount of the sign-on bonus, how the sign-on bonus is used, and how the scholarship program is facilitated are all decisions that ultimately will be up to your school.

Since every school is different EdTech can customize an option that works best for your school.

That’s why it’s important for us to have that one-on-one conversation with you to discuss the options in detail.

Contact us today to discuss our scholarship support program and how your school can partner with us to help more students have access to books.

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