Bring Your Classroom to Life with Digital Quizzes – August 2018 Newsletter

Bring Your Classroom to Life with Digital Quizzes!

“You’ll be having a quiz tomorrow”, those dreaded words have stressed out students for decades. Often students cram the night before, only to forget everything when the time comes for the quiz.

E-books in the classroom have revolutionized the way quizzes are approached. The concept is less about a grade, and more about a tool for learning.

Digital quizzes do not necessarily have to be used for grading – They can also be set up, so the student can take the quiz as many times as it takes to get 100%. You can’t do that with paper quizzes!

It’s a fact, the more students are engaged the more they retain. No need to be dry and boring, digital quizzes can be full of multimedia, including video, audio, images, websites, even an interactive game.

Teachers have the opportunity to embed a pop quiz anywhere within an e-book. It can be a few questions, a full test, or a helpful progress checkpoint for students. Having a quiz inside the book is a great way to encourage students to go back and research the answers in an easy open book test model.

Digital quizzes alongside their digital textbook ensure full engagement for everyone. Ready to get started? If you are not sure how to do it, here is a simple guide to creating a digital quiz overlay.

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Computer Got You Down? Need a Reboot?

We have a love-hate relationship with computers. One minute they’re our best friend and making our lives much easier, the next they’re refusing to print a black and white document because the printer is out of magenta ink.

When it comes to school systems, everything is automated; rosters, grading systems, attendance and textbooks.

In a perfect world, things flow smoothly, life is good, time is saved. But computers have a way of being defiant at the worst possible time. The beginning of the school year when rosters are being loaded, for example.

Your first thought is to bring in an expert, that computer savvy fourth grader in Ms. Cline’s class (we all know kids these days are born with instant tech know how!). But, admin would probably frown on this.

When you have a problem with your computer, don’t panic! There are many simple troubleshooting techniques that fix a variety of issues. Here are a few options to try before calling IT:

• Keyboard not responding, monitor not working, mouse unresponsive? Check all related cables to make sure they’re properly connected.
• An application slow or unresponsive? Close it and bring it back up. To force a close: For a PC: Control+Alt+Delete; A Mac: Command + Option+ Escape. Also check to see if the application needs updating.
• Printer issues? Check to see if there is ink and paper, and the USB is connected. Was the system recently upgraded? The printer settings may need to be updated
• Finally, try a reboot. This can solve a lot of basic issues.

We know it’s exasperating, but don’t let computer issues ruin your day. Take a few moments to regroup, take a walk, grab a glass of iced tea. Like computers, we could all use a reboot every now and then, allowing us a chance to face our challenges with a fresh outlook.

We Have Recently Added 14 New Publishers to Our Online Store and Thousands More Titles

Here is the list of the new publishers we have just added with quick links to their list of titles:

– 23rd Publications
– Baker Publishing
– BarCharts
– Blue Door Publishing
– Classroom Complete Press
– DGP Publishing
– Exambusters
– HypLern
– Prestwick House
– RCL Benziger
– Remedia Publications
– Silly Beagle Productions
– Taylor & Francis Group
– Triangle Interactive