St. John Vianney High School: An Affordable Solution to Extend the Shelf Life of Books

Success Story-St. John Vianney HS

Deciding to make the transition from textbooks to ebooks can be difficult because there is no reference point that allows school decision-makers to gauge the benefits. In other words, they feel like they’re going in blindly. If administrators and teachers are able to talk to other schools that have already made the transition, it may help put them at ease and give them the confidence to move forward in the ebook implementation process.

St. John Vianney High School, a private Catholic school in Holmdel, New Jersey, had a challenge similar to what many of today’s schools are facing. Their print textbooks were deteriorating, and with funding for the books provided by the state, St. John Vianney needed to find an affordable alternative to preserving the shelf life of their books.

“Our textbooks are not replaced for five to six years and need to last,” said Susan Conrad, Director of Technology for St. John Vianney High School.

Searching for a Solution

The search for a solution became a top priority. Conrad’s first step was to contact colleagues from another school in the Diocese of Trenton school district. She remembered that an EdTech representative recently worked with that school, assisting them with the process of transitioning to digital textbooks. She contacted the school’s EdTech representative and had even better than expected results. St. John Vianney was able to piggyback on the plan developed by EdTech for their fellow school and seamlessly adopted a similar digital platform.

Simplifying the Steps

Prior to working with EdTech, Conrad and her team were forced to provide lengthy instructions for all publisher platforms. The platforms required different processes for redemption and logging in, and multiple instructions were created for students and teachers. Working with EdTech helped simplify the steps, creating a standardized implementation process.

According to Conrad, “No matter what department, someone needs to have the information in front of them. The purchase orders, codes, etc., are all in one place so that others can share access to it.”

Working digitally, the school has eliminated the daily wear on physical books and, as a bonus, eliminated the inconvenience of students forgetting them.

“The convenience for the students is that they can access it from any device – desktop, laptop, or tablet. They are not restricted to one machine,” she said.

Single Sign-On for Students

EdTech Solutions offers the ability to use a single sign-on to access multiple publishers – just about any textbook provider you use, we can integrate it with your curriculum. Students enjoy convenient access to all their study materials on one state-of-the-art platform, using only one login, in one location (in most cases). In other words, no more juggling multiple websites and losing logins that prevent them from getting to their ebooks.

As technology continues to grow within their curriculum, St. John Vianney is taking advantage of technological resources to promote their curriculum’s growth. If you’d like to know about using ebooks in your school, contact EdTech for a free demo

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