A Central Platform Has Been a Game Changer for Our School

Success Story-Crespi HS

Over the years, EdTech has helped countless schools and students implement e-books in a way that works for them. In fact, many schools that were concerned about the complexity of the implementation process, as well as ones that had bad past experiences or were inconvenienced by having to use different platforms for different publishers, turned to us to solve their problems.

We sat down with Elizabeth McQueen, Technology Resource Manager and Textbook/Ebook Manager at Crespi Carmelite High School in Encino, California to find out why her school chose to work with EdTech Solutions.

Elizabeth McQueen-CrespiElizabeth McQueen
TRC Manager and Textbook/Ebook Manager
Crespi Carmelite High School
Encino, California

Before you started working with EdTech, what was your biggest concern or hesitation?

I was really disappointed with the vendor that we had been using, so I was on the hunt for a new textbook vendor. I was looking for a vendor that would allow us to do a bundle or a flat fee and host all of our books on the same platform. I didn’t really have too many concerns or hesitations. I was excited, actually.

How did your perception change after you started working with EdTech?

I continue to experience positive things. The staff has been fantastic in terms of the level of service and assistance they provide. When we have issues with publishers, I know that the support staff are on top of it. You’ve just made my life a lot easier as the textbook ebook manager. My positive feelings only continue to increase.

What is one specific result or takeaway that you have after working with EdTech?

Being able to have everything located on a central platform and being able to bundle and charge a flat fee has been a game-changer for us. It’s nice to have everything centralized or localized. I know that it makes things a lot easier for our students and parents. It’s nice to only work with one company as opposed to working with a number of companies. I’m not having to go to the Pearson rep and the McGraw Hill rep, etc. EdTech has been really accommodating. I don’t really have too many critiques! I mean, you guys have been great!

What would you say to someone who’s thinking about partnering with EdTech, but is on the fence?

I would say, ‘Just meet with them, let them walk you through the platform and the services they can provide.’ I’m a big believer in keeping costs low for our students. Being able to bundle all of the materials and charge a flat fee really helps with that.

I know that some people hesitate because they’ve always done it a certain way. They’re hesitant to change…but the most important thing is ease of access for students and teachers. I feel that’s what EdTech does a really good job providing. I would just encourage someone and say ‘Look, just meet with them, talk to them, see if they can meet the needs of your school and what you’re looking for in terms of a textbook program or platform.’

Is there anything else that you’d wish to share that you haven’t had a chance to share yet?

My real appreciation of your staff. I can’t say enough good things about them. They are rock stars in terms of helping me. If I have a problem, boom, 15 minutes after I send the email it’s taken care of. And that kind of customer service…you can’t put a price on that. If there’s anything left to add, it’s just to emphasize the staff is great! I feel so lucky to have them as a resource.

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At EdTech, we know that ebook implementation can be intimidating – especially if you’ve always done it a certain way. We make it a pleasant and positive experience for all involved! EdTech is the schools’ premier and modern-day choice for simplified, easy, and fast ebook implementation.

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