“The Single Sign-On Changed Our World”

Success Story -Moreau Catholic High School

Over the years, EdTech has helped countless schools and students implement e-books in a way that works for them. In fact, many schools that were concerned about the complexity of the implementation process, as well as ones that had bad past experiences or were inconvenienced by having to use different platforms for different publishers, turned to us to solve their problems.

We sat down with Mary McInerney, Education Technology Specialist at Moreau Catholic High School in Hayward, California to find out why her school chose to work with EdTech Solutions.


Employed Since:2016
Educational background: BS degree: Purdue University; Masters of Education: Southern Methodist University
Hometown: Oakland
When I was a child I wanted to be a:Soccer player
Best vacation ever: Kauai – kayaking the Napali Coast
Highlight of working at MCHS: Organizing the first TEDxMoreauCatholicHS event.

Before you started working with EdTech, what was your biggest concern or hesitation?

Initially, our biggest concern and hesitation at Moreau Catholic High School was our students having to navigate multiple platforms. They already have a lot to navigate with their learning management system, our student information system, and any other online tools and resources. So, adding what could be many different publishing websites, or eBooks, or even hard textbooks was something we were really concerned about with our students. And not just for our students, but for teachers too, who also have to learn and navigate so many different platforms to help and direct their students.

We also have many teachers who teach the same class, but each have a different book they prefer to use for their class, so there’s a lot of individuality with the different books that we have in each specific class. From the administration’s point of view, it’s difficult to facilitate all the different platforms and publishers and get teachers the resources they need and request.

Our biggest question became, “How are we going to approach this problem?”

How did your perception change after you started working with EdTech?

After we started working with EdTech, our world was turned upside down – in a good way! EdTech has made our job incredibly easy and helped us find the solution to our school-wide ebook implementation problem with a single sign-on for students. Now, students able to go to the same website every day and have all their classes and eBooks on that website. It makes it very seamless for them.

The teachers also know where their students are going so there’s no confusion about what website they’re being taken to or what log-in information is needed. On the admin side, working with EdTech and having them be the liaison between all the different publishers has made our job so much easier.

What is one specific result or takeaway that you have after working with EdTech?

The ease of everything has been incredible! I have one contact I go to for all our different books and publishers, our students have a single sign-on for all their resources. That’s been incredibly helpful for our entire school. I know other school’s book deployment can be a bit of a headache and EdTech Solutions just makes that so seamless, so easy, so fluid for all our schools.

What would you say to someone who’s thinking about partnering with EdTech, but is on the fence?

Go for it! You’re not going to regret it. It’s going to make your life a lot easier. The great thing about it is that it really lets teachers and students focus on teaching and learning. In no way should a resource like an eBook get in the way of that, and EdTech Solutions makes it so that teachers and students can focus on what’s important.

Is there anything else that you’d wish to share that you haven’t had a chance to share yet?

The team at EdTech Solutions is so great! Anytime I have a question, or I send an email, I always get a quick response. They have 24-hour support, so our students can troubleshoot if it’s not during school hours, and they’ve had no issues with it. I always say that if I don’t hear about a problem, it doesn’t exist. I haven’t heard of any issues about having to access eBooks now that we’re working with EdTech. It’s so worth it!

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At EdTech, we know that ‘going digital’ can be scary – we make it a pleasant and positive experience for all involved! EdTech is the schools’ premier and modern-day choice for simplified, easy, and fast ebook implementation.

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