The Most Popular E-Textbooks – July 2018 Newsletter

The Most Popular E-Textbooks

There are, easily, tens of thousands of quality e-textbooks out there to choose from, and EdTech is offering most of them on our website for easy and instantaneous access. The challenge for teachers and administrators is choosing the right ones.

There are many factors that determine which books to select. The most important factor is finding the books that fit your school and students, as well as your teaching goals and style.

It is also helpful to know what books are the most popular ones. Here, at EdTech, we keep track of the most popular books by category, and we are glad to share this list with you.

Please see below for the most popular e-books:


  1. Progress in Math by Sadlier
  2. McDougal Algebra 1 by Houghton Mifflin
  3. Discovering Geometry by Kendall Hunt

Foreign Language:

  1. Avancemos Spanish by Houghton Mifflin
  2. Aventura by EMC
  3. Breaking the Spanish Barrier by Breaking the Barrier


  1. Modern Chemistry by Houghton Mifflin
  2. Forensic Science for high School by Kendall Hunt
  3. Campbell Biology by Pearson

Social Studies:

  1. World History by Houghton Mifflin
  2. The American Pageant by Cengage Learning
  3. Economics for AP by MacMillan (BFW)

If you are still not sure what books to choose and/or need more information to make your decision, call us. Our staff is very knowledgeable and is eager to help you just as we help thousands of other educators.

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Relax: EdTech Takes the Headache Out of Your Back-to-School Prep

It’s summer, and schools seem to be at their most peaceful – except for a few construction projects and upgrades.

Teachers and students are enjoying a well-earned break. Even though there aren’t students on campus, work still needs to be done.

Like rehearsals and set construction before a play, summer at a school means detailed behind the scenes preparation before opening day.

It’s not as simple as it is when all staff is on deck (everyone seems to be is on vacation now!), and we know that the flow of communication between teachers and administration during the summer months doesn’t stop. And, speaking of staff, this is the time when positions become vacant and need to be filled before the start of the year.

EdTech feels your pain! There’s a lot to be done to prepare for a seamless start of the school-year. While we can’t take care of things like your IT infrastructure, we can certainly simplify many of the critical elements of your beginning of the year readiness. We’re so committed to making this school year the best ever we even have a few great tips on how to deal with the inevitable “helicopter parents” (see article below).

No one in the history of education, has ever jumped in excitement when it’s rostering time. Getting rosters together is time consuming! EdTech can connect to your SIS automatically, so you don’t have to worry about this.

Just when you think you know your online curriculum, the publisher makes changes. Changes inside the online classroom environment may happen during summer break – And since EdTech knows all the ins and outs of each publisher, we will keep you posted on changes and take care of any necessary transitions.

So, enjoy the rest of your summer vacation. Relax, and let EdTech take the headache out of your back-to-school prep! Maybe even check out the EdTech reader platform where you can create a summer reading assignment to help prepare your own children for the new year.

How to Not Crash and Burn with Helicopter Parents

They’re the first to volunteer in the classroom, readily donate school supplies and vow that the upcoming school year will be the

best year ever. And then it happens, little Johnny gets a below average grade on his medieval castle model (which was clearly designed by his engineer dad). And…. “BAM!” the helicopter parent comes out.

Johnny couldn’t possibly get a mediocre grade on a cardboard construction project, after all, he was the star student at architecture summer camp.

We put together five key steps to appease helicopter parents – Taking just a few steps on the front-end, will help establish a healthy classroom that’s in the best interest of not only the students, but the teacher as well.