Think of the Students! – November 2018 Newsletter

Think of the Students!

As we have shared with you previously, there are many reasons to switch from old-fashioned paper books to digital books. One such reason is the weight of the books. Young people should not tote heavy books around!

The following article details the possible consequences of carrying heavy books at young age.

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Carrying Heavy Books Can Be A Pain – Literally!

By Emily Merhavy

As the world of technology rapidly evolves there are numerous innovations considered essential to the efficiency of daily life. One such advancement not only promotes academic success, it also has the added benefit of the physical preservation of our most precious commodity, our children. Ebooks are a welcome addition to the future of education and much easier to carry around than a backpack full of textbooks.

Carrying heavy books can be painful and can eventually cause damage to the joints in one’s shoulders and back. Bags and backpacks should not weigh more than 10 -15 percent of a person’s body weight. Who hasn’t seen a pint-size kid carrying a 10-gallon size backpack? Coming from a musculoskeletal perspective, lugging around heavy books on your back can quickly become detrimental to the body.

When a backpack is too heavy, it can cause incorrect placement on the shoulders, causing the force of the weight to pull the child backward. To compensate for this, the child bends forward at the hips or arches their back. This results in spinal compression that ultimately leads to shoulder, neck, and back pain.

There are several practical reasons why ebooks are a better alternative than carrying backpacks full of hard-cover books.

Heavy backpacks:

  • Strain both muscles and joints if they are too heavy and carried for too long.
  • Cause tightness of muscles creating chronic back pain.
  • Cause poor posture due to tightness in the muscles from the heavy bags pulling on the body.
  • Can dig into the shoulders, interfering with circulation and nerves.
  • Change the way students walk, putting them off balance and at risk of falling.

With the implementation of ebooks in the classroom not only are students free of hefty backpacks, the stress of forgetting textbooks at home or in the locker becomes a thing of the past.

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Derail the Students’ Holiday Stress Express

It’s the hap…happiest season of all! Or, is it? We’ve all seen the cute ads – neighborhoods decked out in glittery cheer, everyone smiling and patting each other on the back. While the holidays can be wonderful memories in the making, they can also be very stressful not only for adults, but kids as well.

The anticipation of time off from school can create an unruly classroom. Keep in mind holiday stress also plays a factor in the behavior and performance of students. Schedules are disrupted, family and financial matters come to the forefront, it’s no wonder children feel stressed.

You’re a valuable resource for helping students navigate holiday stress. Here are some useful tips to help them cope.

  1. Acknowledge the Stress

Teachers should talk openly about the stresses of the holidays. This allows kids to identify with others and be less hard on themselves. Take some time to teach breathing techniques, mental imaging, and journaling.

  1. Peace in the Classroom

Let’s face it, stress makes it hard to stay cool. Kids will talk back and be meaner to each other, and adults have been known to do the same (think Black Friday!). Strive to keep your classroom on an even keel. Keep in mind that when adults are stressed, kids feel it too.

  1. Give Back

Think of ways to give back to the community. Students can write letters to soldiers, clean up a local park, collect blankets for an animal shelter. Focusing on others is a huge stress-reliever.

  1. Keep a Routine

Reminding kids to stick to their regular bedtimes, limit unhealthy treats, and get plenty of exercise can help keep their stress under control during the holidays.

  1. Stay in Touch

The long school break can be lonely for many kids. Encourage them to keep in touch with each other. A simple call or text can make all the difference.

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