Welcome to Our First Newsletter!

Welcome to Our First Newsletter!

EdTech has always been committed to increasing the accessibility of learning to a greater range of students through innovative technologies. Furthermore, we make it easy and simple for schools and students to manage and access individualized digital content using one platform from any device.

To provide principals, teachers, administrators, and students and their parents with even more value, I am proud to launch our first monthly newsletter!

Our newsletter will cover important topics related to helping schools transition to advanced deployment of electronic textbooks, and cutting-edge approaches to e-book implementation.

We will also provide you with ideas and tips on how to utilize e-books, in and out of the classroom, and we will share news about our company and our products.

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E-Books Keep Students on Track Through the Summer 6 Tips to Avoid the Summer Slide with E-Books!

By Liz Pritchard, Operations Manager

Kids on the beach with a digital device

Children who don’t put aside time for summer reading may experience the Summer Slide, quickly losing the reading skills learned during the school year.

With the introduction of e-books to the mix, preventing the Summer Slide is easier than ever!

Making sure a child goes back to school at the same level he or she ended the school year at takes a bit of extra support from parents. Follow these tips and your child will be logging summer reading time with ease, keeping on track for the upcoming school year.

1. E-books make reading easier than ever. A great way to put in some time is by taking the opportunity to read while waiting in line for a movie, or in the car heading to the science museum. The versatile e-reader is a convenient and fun way to both prevent boredom and maintain literacy skills.

2. Show kids that reading is a priority and they will treat it that way. Schedule reading time (a half hour per day is perfect), set up a comfy nook, and be a reading role model, take this time to read with your kids.

3. Start a book club. Like most things, reading is more fun with friends. An e-book club is a great way for kids to reinforce reading comprehension skills by discussing what they’re reading. Many e-book titles have online questions, and book-related activities available. Take turns hosting a weekly club!

4. Whether you’re going on vacation or visiting the local museum. Use this as an opportunity to download e-books related to your destination. Gathering facts through ebooks not only makes the trip more interesting, it also teaches handy research skills.

5. Get a library card and join the summer reading program. Libraries offer thousands of downloadable e-book titles. Logging reading to earn incentive prizes never gets old.

6. Find a topic your kids love. Summer is the perfect time for kids to read whatever they want. Graphic novels, a great mystery series, or nonfiction e-books about a favorite hobby, reading for pleasure reinforces a positive lifetime habit of literacy.

ICYMI (In Case You Missed It)

National Catholic Education Association logo

Earlier this month, we had a booth at the NCEA 2018 Convention. We had a great time meeting and chatting with many of you.

However, we’ve heard from many others who did not attend the Convention and are interested in taking advantage of the ‘NCEA Special Offer’ we made.

Digital Device

We decided to extend the ‘Special Offer’, but for a very limited time. Here is what the offer is all about: You will receive a new iPad completely free, when you get all your e-textbooks digitally with full implementation from EdTech! And that’s not all – We will also give your school $2,000 to use for anything you want to purchase from EdTech.

So, if you’d like to learn more, or schedule a demo or a meeting with our implementation experts, call us at 844-501-7851, or click on the button below:

Request a Demo Today!

Christopher Columbus High School

Christopher Columbus High School is a private, all-male Catholic high school located in Miami, Florida. After introducing a one-to-one iPad program, Christopher Columbus decided to move from hardbound books, to an all-digital format. Pedro Garcia-Casals, the school’s Assistant Principal, oversaw the transition from print to digital books. He and his team spent a short time managing the online and digital classrooms on their own and found the process to be chaotic. In order to get the results they wanted, help was necessary.

Testimonial for EdTech

Prior to making the decision to go digital, Pedro and his team received guidance from a member of EdTech’s Sales team, who he says “advised me on what the schools on the West Coast were doing. We were not ready to move away from hardbound at the time, and he worked with us.”

When a school is ready to move toward digital books, the EdTech team conducts an ebook availability analysis. They research the school’s current hardbound textbooks to see if they’re available in digital format and suggest alternatives if they’re not.

Pedro was relieved to get the support they needed in the digital transition, saying, “The first year was crazy trying to manage the digital
implementation myself. Now, I am working with EdTech and everything is smooth.”

Within a year, EdTech helped Christopher Columbus transition from all print, to a 95% digital school. Pedro has seen the impact this has made, saying, “Having their books readily accessible anytime, anywhere has been a huge advantage for our students.”

According to Pedro, one of the most valuable services from EdTech is the scholarship assistance program. “The clencher in the beginning was finding out they offered a scholarship fund for teacher materials, and students on financial assistance. “This has been a huge help each year. It is magnificent. I have not used all of it, and there is still funding for the rest of year.”

Helpful Resources

Did you know that our website contains hundreds of useful resources for teachers as student? We have tons of helpful videos, as well as practical ‘How To’ documents.

This month, we want to call your attention to our resources for teachers. Click on the button below and go directly to our teacher resource page with links to videos and documents:

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