EdTech Announces New Partnership with Edlink to Improve the Online Student Experience

Edtech + Edlink

EdTech Solutions is pleased to announce a new partnership with Edlink.

Edlink’s system is going to be helpful to EdTech Solutions in more effectively syncing student course data with digital courseware and allowing students to access their content directly from their Learning Management System.

This will allow students to reduce the number of clicks needed to access their books and significantly improve the accessibility for both teachers and students.

Launched in February 2020, Edlink is the fastest and easiest way to integrate learning platforms with school data systems. Working with Edlink’s Unified API saves development teams headaches, gets operational teams to-market faster, and helps sales teams win more deals.

EdTech Solutions wants to “set it and forget it” when it comes to integrations as much as possible, capitalizing on integrations already completed, Edlink will free up precious development time and having the ability to offer more features to our customers which will improve the student experience.
Working with Edlink will also allow EdTech to simplify the code for developers and the UI for their users. And, they’ll be able to do it all in time to roll out their integration live before back-to-school 2021 (if not sooner!).

“Edlink is doing something great in education, and we want to be a part of it. I feel that this partnership will strategically position us for future growth and success by simplifying the accessibility to digital content and digital learning, as well as streamline the entire ebook implementation process and scale our services to more schools.”

– Peter Sauer, CEO at EdTech Solutions

Edlink is currently working behind the scenes to help over 7 million students get logged into all the various learning platforms they use, using their LMS (a system students already know!) and they’re trusted to exchange sensitive data securely by tech administrators and district leaders in over 700 US K12 school districts, and growing.

To learn more about Edlink visit ed.link.

About EdTech Solutions:

EdTech leverages technology to improve education by making it easy and simple for schools and students to manage and access individualized digital content on any device.

EdTech’s cutting-edge approach to schoolwide ebook implementation and our innovative online platform and tools give school administrators and teachers the controls they need, and provides students and parents with access to all their content on one easy-to-use platform with a single login, in most cases.

We also help publishers make their content available digitally to students on our robust multi-publisher e-book reader platform.

We strongly believe that knowledge and good education should be available to all, and we are committed to developing and providing the tools and modern services that make it possible.

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