Great Path to Language Fluency from Breaking the Barrier Now Available Digitally Through EdTech


April 10, 2018

EdTech Contact:

Duke Merhavy, CMO


Breaking the Barrier Contact:

Janet Dracksdorf


Great Path to Language Fluency from Breaking the BarrierNow Available Digitally Through EdTech

Tempe, Arizona – April 10, 2018

EdTech Software has partnered with Breaking the Barrier to bring effective language courses digitally to students and teachers everywhere, through their easy-to-use e-book reader. Instructional materials in Spanish, French, and English are now available on the Breaking the Barrier page, on EdTech Software’s Website.

“We are delighted to be partnering with EdTech Software to bring Breaking the Barrier’s award-winning products to schools nationwide” said John Conner, Founder and CEO, Breaking the Barrier. “We have been impressed by, and share, EdTech Software’s core values around excellence, service, innovation and sharing knowledge and look forward to inspiring world language students and instructors across the country through our technology offering”, he added.

“What makes Breaking the Barrier special and unique is that their books were written by actual teachers who developed the courses for their own use” said Peter Sauer, President of EdTech. Mr. Sauer added, “Even though their books became very successful, the authors still teach in classrooms and draw on their day-to-day experience to continuously improve their courses.”

Breaking the Barrier e-books can be easily downloaded by students, teachers, and parents anywhere in the world by going to EdTech’s ShelfIt website, and on the Breaking the Barrier page.

About EdTech Software Company:

EdTech makes it easy and simple for schools and students to manage and access personalized digital content using one platform from any device.

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About Breaking the Barrier:

Breaking the Barrier is a trusted leader in print and digital language learning in print and digital language learning. Featuring instruction in Spanish, French, and English, Breaking the Barrier offers students the fastest path to true language fluency. The series was developed by Groton School teacher and Dean of Faculty, John Conner, and gives learners everywhere access to the same outstanding language learning experience found in one of America’s top schools. For more information, visit