The Benefits of Integrating Your LMS with EdTech Solutions

LMS Integration

But did you know that in March 2021, we partnered with Edlink to offer even more! In addition to giving students and parents access to all their content on one easy-to-use platform, we’ll now integrate with your school’s learning management system (LMS).

What’s an LMS integration, and how does it help?

An LMS integration creates compatibility between your LMS and a third-party application. That’s what Edlink helps us to facilitate.

The good news? An LMS integration means getting rid of a host of tedious tasks that you’ve likely encountered while using learning applications, whether you’re a teacher, school administrator, parent, or student—chores like helping students set up their user accounts, retrieving a forgotten username, or manually adding students to a virtual classroom.

With our help, those time-wasters are a thing of the past.

A few of the integrations we offer:

Single Sign-On. Single sign-on means teachers and students don’t need to create a separate username and password to use our programs. They’re set with the credentials they already use to log into their LMS.

Rostering. We roster teachers and students ahead of time, without anyone from the school having to create user accounts or set up the virtual classroom. No more putting in student info manually and dealing with any errors along the way.

Seamless Updates. When you make an update in your LMS—such as adding a student to a classroom roster or changing a student’s schedule—it will be automatically synced with our system.

Compatibility with Every Major LMS. Whether your LMS is Microsoft Teams, Blackboard, Schoology, Google Classroom, Brightspace, Moodle, or Canvas – you’re covered. We support integrations with them all.

In our book, life is too short (and weekends are too precious!) to be spent with unnecessary clicks, button presses, and copy-and-pastes. When you decide to go with us, the headaches that come with an incompatible learning application are gone. You’ll save time on troubleshooting, eliminate pesky tasks, and be able to focus on what matters—the classroom.

Curious about LMS integration?

If you’re a learning platform developer and you’d like to learn more about LMS integration, Edlink would love to chat with you! They offer eLearning apps the ability to provide LTI launches and leverage our API integrations with a variety of LMSs. They also support integrations with platforms such as Google Classroom, Microsoft Teams, Canvas, Schoology and more. To get in touch with their team, email them at or send a message on their support page.

About EdTech Solutions

EdTech Solutions leverages education technology to improve learning by making it easy and simple for schools and students to manage and access individualized digital content on any device. EdTech’s cutting-edge approach to schoolwide ebook implementation and our innovative online platform and tools give school administrators and teachers the controls they need while providing students and parents with access to all their content on one easy-to-use platform with a single login, in most cases.

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