The Crossroads of Science and Faith Ebook Now Availble Digitally Through EdTech


March 13, 2018

EdTech Contact:

Duke Merhavy, CMO


Glimpse of His Splendor Publishing Contact:

Gladys Kober


The Crossroads of Science and Faith Ebook Now Available Digitally Through EdTech

Tempe, Arizona – March 13, 2018 –EdTech Software now offers a textbook that examines the remarkable science of astronomy from a Christian worldview, The Crossroads of Science and Faith, published by Glimpse of His Splendor. The goal of this textbook is to teach high school students the science of astronomy while preparing them to engage in courteous and thoughtful discourse with respect to science and faith issues. This textbook is now available digitally on the Shelfit Glimpse of His Splendor page.

” We are very excited to work with EdTech and offer our textbook through their specialized digital services.” said Gladys Kober, owner of Glimpse of His Splendor Publishing.

“Oftentimes, students, as well as others, assume there is a conflict between science and faith,” said Peter Sauer, President of EdTech. “We are delighted to offer a book to students, teachers, and parents, that explains scientific principals from a faith-based perspective.”

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About Glimpse of His Splendor Publishing:

Glimpse of His Splendor offers a textbook that is a one-year curriculum is designed to be a resource for the Christian community, both the home school environment and Christian schools. The textbook encourages the search for truth in every area and promotes dialogue and integration between science and faith, while offering a Christian worldview-where God is the Author, Creator, and Designer of this mind-boggling and awesome universe. It includes many interviews with professional Christian astronomers that will inspire and encourage students and parents alike.