3 Quick Tips to Avoid Tech Fatigue in the Digital Classroom

tired students looking at laptops in classroom

Digital learning can cause teachers, students, and even parents to all experience some kind of tech fatigue. Now that school is back in full swing again, whether online, in the classroom, or using a blended learning approach, we could all use some ideas on how to take a break from the screen throughout the day. Here are 3 ideas to try today!

1. Break Up the Screen Time by Incorporating Activities

Breaking up the time spent sitting in front of the screen can help avoid some of that tech fatigue by requiring students to use other senses and movements. For example, writing in a journal, going old school and printing off PDFs for students to complete, a drawing assignment or even having them close their eyes and focus on what they’re hearing, are all ways that can help.

2. Step Away from the Computer

Make sure to build movement breaks in as a part of your daily plan and use them as you see fit – either on a schedule or if you see heads starting to nod and you’re starting to lose your crowd!

Taking a quick break, even if it’s 30 seconds, to stand up, stretch, walk around your chair three times, take some deep breaths – anything to step away from the screen for just a minute – can clear the mind and give the body a reset.

3. Continually Ask for Feedback

Check-in with your students to see how they’re feeling about the schedule. Do a stress test by asking them on a scale of 1 to 10 how they’re doing and asking them to choose one of the three options below:

  • “I’m in a good space and I can focus.”
  • “Something is bothering me but I can still focus”
  • “I can’t manage my focus and behaviors right now.”

These questions can help you asses if they have the tools and support they need, and whether there’s anything they think you or your school could be doing better right now.

We’ve seen some awesome doors being opened by teachers leaning less on traditional textbooks, realizing more that online resources are the way of the future and having that as a key to success within the classroom.

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