What ‘Day One Readiness’ Should Look Like for Your School’s Digital Platforms

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Is your school tired of devoting its resources to learning, developing
, and testing technical details to connect various publishers’ ebooks?Are you or your colleagues ready to get your summers back, after spending them on ebook implementation instead of enjoying much-needed rest and relaxation? Many schools are trying to manage their digital content on their own, only to find that at the beginning of the school year they’re left for weeks with no books, schedule changes that don’t update ebook access, and no teacher or publisher support. If this sounds like your school, keep reading to find out what day one readiness shouldlook like for your school’s digital resources.

1. Easy Integration with Your School’s SIS

Ebook implementation starts with easy integration, using a comprehensive integration service. It’s simple: the school provides a booklist and direct link to its student information system, EdTech syncs the roster data from the school’s SIS, then the setup with publishers’ ebooks or systems begins.

Once EdTech has a direct link, the student information automatically feeds into our system. Teachers and students get a single sign-on to access their books. When the student logs on for the first time, they canautomatically see what’s required to purchase for the classes, and if they have the option of a print or digital format.

2. School-Owned Content That You Actually Use

EdTech will complete an audit for your school to determine if and how much school-owned content there currently is. School-owned content refers to multi-year licenses for different digital platforms. This audit is performed to help schools determine if they need to purchase digital content or not, and if they currently have school-owned content they haven’t been using. This will helppinpoint the digital licenses that aren’t being used or haven’t been activated andsave your school money.

3. Online Classrooms Ready on the First Day of School

EdTech willtake the time to do all the busy work and implementation for your school and administrators. This means each online classroom environment is set up and ready to go. Once the environments are all set up, we ensure that all the students’ shelves have been populated with their books before the actual first day of school.On day one, students and teachers have their classes, their logins, and their books.

4. Full Support at All Levels All Year Long

School personnel receive a dedicated support staff, and we offer comprehensive customer service for students and parents. Before the first day of school, your school will receiveits owncustomized ‘How To’ flyers along with supporting documents. We want to make sure to create the best experience possible for all students, teachers, and administrators.

But we also recognized that issues pop up all the time. Teachers also have access to a dedicated VIP line, scholarship line, and customer support line so that they can have ongoing support throughout the year.

“The fact that I can reach out directly to a person at any time if we have questions or concerns, and get an immediate response is huge! Because we’re not sitting and waiting for a response. Even if we’re waiting for a resolution, there’s communication that we’re waiting for things to be resolved. In my particular role, I’m really thankful for that!”

Julie Filer, Assistant Head of School
Capital Christian School

EdTech’s cutting-edge approach to ebook implementation and our innovative online platform and tools give school administrators and teachers the controls they need at their fingertips.

If you’d like to learn more about what this would look like for your school, or you’d like to meet to understand our timelines better, schedule a demo below!

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EdTech Solutions leverages education technology to improve learning by making it easy and simple for schools and students to manage and access individualized digital content on any device. EdTech’s cutting-edge approach to schoolwide ebook implementation and our innovative online platform and tools give school administrators and teachers the controls they need while providing students and parents with access to all their content on one easy-to-use platform with a single login, in most cases.

When you work with us, we create a personalized bookstore for your school where students can access and purchase their ebooks and textbooks on Shelfit.com. We also help publishers make their content available digitally to students on our robust multi-publisher ebook reader platform. We strongly believe that knowledge and good education should be available to all, and we are committed to developing and providing the online learning tools and modern services that make it possible.