What Schools Can Expect When Reviewing Booklists for the Next School Year

What to except-Booklist Review

Reviewing booklists each year and deciding which books to use during the next school year is a relentless task, sometimes even feeling impossible. Often times administrators and teachers aren’t on the same page and both parties are left wishing someone could just take charge of the process for them. What if that was a possibility?

EdTech Solutions can help with your school’s book list selection, and it’s up to you to decide how hands on you want to be in the process. Here’s how it works:

1. Review the Current Book List

For both new and existing clients, EdTech will take the current book list your school is using and do an analysis by taking each ISBN and searching all kinds of databases to answer the questions:

  • Are the books still available?Has the price increased?Is there a new series out for the edition you’re using?
  • Are the books still available?
  • Has the price increased?
  • Is there a new series out for the edition you’re using?

We’ll gather as much information as we can to educate your school administrators and teachers about the latest and greatest information from our publishers.

2. Survey Teachers About the Books They’re Currently Using

An account manager at EdTech will start meeting with your teachers to find out more about the books they’re currently using. We’ll find out what teachers like about the current books they’re using and what they don’t like about them. If they aren’t happy with a current book, EdTech can offer additional suggestions based on the feedback we’ve heard from other schools. The great thing is, EdTech doesn’t have a favorite publisher because we work with them all equally, so teachers can trust they’re getting real and accurate information.

EdTech can also offer teachers insight into current trends, depending on which region of the country you’re located. What curriculum schools use on the East Coast is not always the same as what schools use on the West Coast.

Essentially, EdTech acts as the middleman, communicating back and forth with school administrators and also with publisher sales reps, getting schools set up with samples to review and helping teachers understand those samples. EdTech will be as hands on as the school wants us to be.

3. Facilitate a Department Head Meeting

EdTech will schedule a department head meeting to help get both administrators and teachers on the same page. After answering questions like: What are the current platforms being used? What are some of the resources? How are the books being used in the classroom?

What we found during these very organic conversations is that the teachers are using the content, the online classroom environment, resources or even the print books, in a different manner in which the administration had always thought. This has garnered a lot of really interesting conversations. These meetings show everyone involved the variety ways to use all of the content available.

4. Initiate One-on-One Conversations with Teachers

EdTech goes one step further and meets individually with school department heads to have one-on-one conversations with them and get a good grasp of what they’re looking for, as well as show them the variety of ways to use all the content available to them.

The goal is for teachers to walk away knowing they’re adopting a product for their class that they will be fully supported and fully trained on.

When teachers realize they have that resource of a webinar training whenever they need it, they become empowered and innovative in the classroom because they have additional support to help them feel confident with the technology they are using.

Have You Considered EdTech Solutions?

EdTech is always there for you, offering relentless support for school and a cutting-edge approach to schoolwide ebook implementation. Our innovative online platform and tools give school administrators and teachers the controls they need at their fingertips. We also provide students and their parents with access to all their content on an easy-to-use platform with a single login, in most cases. We know that ‘going digital’ can be scary – we make it a pleasant and positive experience for all involved! EdTech is the schools’ premier and modern-day choice for simplified, easy, and fast ebook implementation.

To discover an all-in-one digital solution for your classroom ebooks and how we can work with your school to make your ebook implementation a breeze, contact us for a Free Demo with one of our Curriculum Specialists to discuss the benefits of a booklist review.

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