Online Bookstore

When you work with EdTech, not only are you getting a quality ebook platform and implementation, you’re also getting “day one and beyond” support. You can count on us being there for you every step of the way during your ebook implementation.

  • Your own private online bookstore
  • Turn-key solution – We do all the work for you
  • Competitive pricing on books
  • Thousands of books from dozens of the top publishers in the US
  • Available partnership with Amazon for low print book prices

We offer a fast, easy and convenient way for K-12 teachers and students to access and organize all their digital content.

With just three easy steps we will have your complete ebook implementation ready:

  1. We work with you to build your booklist – We are your curriculum experts!
  2. We will connect with your Student Information System to get your roster information seamlessly – We even build each student’s “Shelf” of ebooks based on their roster!
  3. Students and parents log on to purchase their ebooks and start learning.
“The convenience for the students is that they can access it from any device –– desktop, laptop, or tablet. They are not restricted to one machine.”

Susan Conrad

Director of Technology, St John Vianney High School

You Get All of This:

Multi-Publisher Integration

  • Comprehensive database of ebooks and digital resources available today
  • All major publishers as well as independents
  • Wide variety of platforms supported
  • No lock-in to single publisher or format means maximum ebook availability

Student “Shelf”

  • Device agnostic
  • iOS and Android app for offline usage available in play stores

Unlimited Support

  • VIP Teacher Support Line
  • Student Support Line
  • Don’t forget, we also have top notch support for admins.

We Do It All, So You Don’t Have To.