Professional Development Courses

Mindfulness and Mediation

OBJECTIVE: Establish a program to help empower students to solve problems and advocate effectively.

What is Behavior Management

OBJECTIVE: Using a hierarchy of social development, develop a behavioral plan that focuses on understanding choice and problem solving to establish an effective learning environment.

Empathy and Affect

OBJECTIVE: Teaching decision-making skills to enhance awareness of shared thinking in the learning environment through empathy.

Behavior Management Techniques

OBJECTIVE: Develop specific techniques to address disruptive behavior in classrooms.

Train the Trainer

Access 20 Professional Development courses with accompanying Leader and Participant Guides and Presentations. This package also includes a Course Creation Guide and resources for your school's PD Specialist to use to further enhance Teacher Development.

Increasing Student Engagement

OBJECTIVE: Enhance curiosity, drive, and engagement by focusing on developmental techniques that enhance student learning.