EdTech integrates resellers into our pipeline by implementing a proven process.

EdTech’s support pipeline

  1. EdTech generates leads through multiple marketing and sales channels.
  2. Prospective customers are engaged with demos, presentations, follow-up calls or relationship-building opportunities.
  3. EdTech forwards qualified leads to you to finalize the strategy.
  4. EdTech executes the Implementation Process:
    1. School meets with a curriculum specialist
    2. Implementation of student rosters, ebook distribution and order processing
    3. Online training for teachers and administrators
    4. Quality assurance testing
    5. Final review and go live
  5. EdTech offers on-going, end-user support and troubleshooting assistance.
“Having their books readily accessible anytime, anywhere has been a huge advantage for our students.”

Pedro Garcia-Casals

Assistant Principal, Christopher Columbus High School