Pearson EasyBridge Integration Service

EdTech Software integration service for Pearson EasyBridge

Connecting schools and districts to EasyBridge

EdTech Software offers a comprehensive integration service to schools and districts who wish to use the Pearson EasyBridge system to synchronize their Student Information System with popular Pearson learning platforms. Schools and districts no longer have to devote their resources to learning, developing, and testing all the technical details required to get connected to EasyBridge. EdTech’s integration does all the heavy lifting for them.

1. School/district gives EdTech the booklist.

2. EdTech helps school/district sync roster data from Student Information System.

3. EdTech handles the integration and setup with Pearson EasyBridge

4. Teachers and students get single sign-on to their Pearson products.

“Before we started using EdTech and Pearson EasyBridge, we did the implementation ourselves for all the textbooks. We know the pain of uploading rosters and teachers having to pick students.”

Bryan Lorenzo, Technical Support Administrator, Belen Jesuit Preparatory School

Pearson EasyBridge is a system developed by Pearson to give teachers and students the easiest way to access popular Pearson digital learning platforms. Learn more at